Victoria Casino: Results related to Yategaye

Victoria Casino: Findings related to Yategaye

Investigation into illicit enrichment and money laundering involving Mayor Lomas de Zamora Martín Insauralde and well-known models Jésica Cirio and Sofía ClériciVictoria Casino Entre Rios has added another chapter. Two invoices totaling $11,262,960 were found there, which were payments for advertising on a television show hosted by Insaurald’s ex-wife, Cirio.

The judiciary wants to know if the payments were actually due to the politician’s travel hidden gifts , or whether this was directly a form of bribery in his favor.

The invoice emerged after the authorities of the Entre Rios Municipal Hotel and Casino refused to deliver documents following the Carabinieri operation at Casino Victoria on November 9 last year. Judge Ernesto Kreplak requested the information in a tax application.

After the procedure was completed, it was discovered that two invoices were issued in 2022, one dated on December 7 and the other on December 30 of that month. They support the Telefé program “Las mujeres de la Selección” hosted by Jesica Cirio. In this episode Inshoulade’s former partner interviews the girlfriends and wives of the Argentine national team players in Europe during the World Cup in Qatar.

The first invoice was issued for USD 5,676,720 and the second totaled USD 5,586,240. According to TN, Investigators have not been able to determine how those involved paid their bills, as they are shown as “unpaid” in the gambling company’s documents and do not have any rights

The judge actually suspected that the casino’s financial support for the scheme might actually have been a secret bribe aimed at the former head of the Buenos Aires cabinet.

Victoria Casino: Findings related to Yategaye


  • This text describes an investigation into potential illicit enrichment and money laundering involving the Mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insauralde, and well-known models Jésica Cirio and Sofía Clérici. The investigation centers around payments made to Cirio’s television show, which authorities suspect may have been bribes to the politician. The judge is investigating the source of these payments and whether they were in fact bribes.

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