Suprema Poker has announced the largest series ever staged in Brazil, with R$100 million guaranteed and a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool for the main event.

Suprema has just announced the largest online poker series in the history of Brazil. The Suprema Poker Series will have in its second edition a record award of R$100 million guaranteed. The schedule is 1,160 events, which will take place between April 30th and June 18th. 

The Main Event of the Suprema Poker Series will be the “10 Million Supreme”, on June 4th, and that will guarantee more than R$ 1 million to the tournament’s champion. Another highlight is the “5 Million Mystery Bounty”, which takes place on May 7. On the first day of the series, there will be more than R$4 million guaranteed, being R$3 million in two Main Events. 

Supreme Poker Series Ranking

In this edition of SPS there will be 3 different rankings, with a total prize pool of 1 million in chips for the best classified in each ranking. They will be divided by buy-in range: Low, Medium and High. 

Check out the list of the main events of the 2nd edition of SPS:

04/30: 2M Supreme – 550.00 buy-in, at 16:00;

04/30: 1M Super HighRoller – 5,500.00 buy-in, at 18:00;

05/03: 1M Battle HR – buy-in 550.00, 6:00pm;

05/07: 5M Mystery Bounty – 1,000.00 buy-in, 4:00pm;

05/07: 1M Super HighRoller – 5,500.00 buy-in, at 20:00;

05/10: 1M Battle HR – $550.00 buy-in, 6:00pm;

5/14: 1M Supreme – 390.00 buy-in, 4:00pm

5/17: 1M Battle HR – 550 buy-in, 6:00pm;

5/21: 3M Supreme – 750.00 buy-in, 4:00pm;

5/24: 1M Battle HR – 550.00 buy-in, 6:00pm;

05/28: 1.5M Mystery Bounty – 550.00 buy-in, 4:00pm;

06/04: 10M Main Event – 1,500.00 buy-in, at 16:00

04/06: 1M Super HighRoller – 5,500.00 buy-in, at 20:00

06/07: 1M Battle HR – 550 buy-in, 6:00pm

06/11: 1M Supreme – 390.00 buy-in, 4:00pm

06/18: 1M Supreme – 390.00 buy-in, 4:00pm.

To play the tournament, simply download the Suprema Poker app and join one of Suprema Brazil’s affiliated clubs.Are you familiar with the Suprema Poker app?download it now for iOS, Android or PC and start playing now!

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