Rodrigo Selouan cai na bolha do Super Million$ | – Revista online de poker

Superstar Rodrigo Selouan, who was used to winning six figures in the Super Million$, was eliminated as the bubble boy tonight.

Two more Brazilians also showed up to compete for the prize in the age-old contest. Allan Mello hit rock bottom after losing an all-in bet before the flip with AQ to Guillaume Nolet’s AK.

The Samba Team player was getting dangerously low on chips and won a coin flip with 66 against AJ to increase his stack.

Allan would soon put his tournament status at peril once again. He decided to protect the large with his three bets against Matthew Stumpf’s open push with a queen high. Allan was ahead with K9, but he lost when the flip came 8JQ. Allan was already in a tough position before the turn 9 made matters much worse. Allan was rescued by the river 10, and he ended up winning the pot.

Waiting for Allan to act on the river, Selouan made a 3-bet push from small with 12 bbs straight. Benjamin Rolle got his revenge and used JJ as his payment. Rolle had little chance against your sevens on a board of two nines, two twos, and four fours.

There were 174 entrants for the Super Million$ in its 136th year of operation. The winner will get $353,617 (or 35.3%) of the total prize fund of $1,740,000.

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