PokerStars Reds suffer deadly drought

PokerStars Reds suffer deadly drought

Tuesday is not good for PokerStarsnot at allRed. The focus is on the Daily Routine Tournament.

The Red Spade Room organized 7 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots worth €110,000. None of these MTTs ended in a Spanish victory. Portugal won 5, France and Ukraine won 1.

In addition to these big events, La Roja won a total of 14 regular MTTs yesterday. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “crashisaac” (PKO €30 6-Max).
  2. “claverin 1” (SuperStack €10).
  3. “antoniopub” (Ultra KO €20).
  4. “Zapatones11″ (PKO €10 6-Max). *”casemiro1603″ (PKO €10 6-Max) Daziacheese” (PKO €1 6-Max).
  5. “sergecap” (SuperStack Turbo €5).
  6. “RaAlonso23” (£10 NLHE Turbo PKO).* “RaAlonso23” (£10 NLHE Turbo PKO).
  7. “amol786” (£2 NLHE Turbo).
  8. “Jona 44800” (€1 NL HE Hyper).

The Spaniard has 5doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), the balance in HU is very bad for our team : 9Win 18 >Second place.

These are the results of the most important race on Tuesday:

  1. Nambessa (Mini Thunder 10€. Prize money: 2,754.95€. Number of participants: 2,403. Prize pool: 21,627€. Country: Portugal) g8 (Prize Gold Generator €10. Prize Pool: €1,273.82. Entries: 1,192. Prize Pool: £10,728. Country: Portugal).
  2. VollyFlu$h (Bounty Generator €20. Prize Pool: €1,564.38. Entries: 577. Entries: 577. Prize Pool: €10,386. Country: Ukraine).
  3. BARF8 (Big Bang £50. Prize pool: €2,297.03. Entrants: 266. Entrants: 266. Prize pool: €11,970. Country: France).
  4. Tariksjm (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: $2,249.74. Entries: 1,958. Prize pool: €17,622. Country: Portugal).

Today we are back in the room for the regular game schedule. VGL, Spanish!

Responsible gaming. It is illegal for under 18s to play online poker.

PokerStars Reds suffer deadly drought

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  • This text provides an overview of the poker tournaments held on Tuesday, focusing on the Spanish players’ performance. It mentions the winners from Spain and highlights that none of the major tournaments resulted in a Spanish victory. The text ends with a note about responsible gaming and age restrictions for online poker.

  • This text provides a summary of the results from various tournaments organized by PokerStars on Tuesday, highlighting the lack of Spanish victories. The author expresses disappointment but encourages Spanish players to continue participating and wishes them good luck in future games.

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