MeForrow wins the 2023 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP).

The start of the SCOOP 2023 on PokerStars was yesterday. From April 2nd through the 23rd, the Red Spade Room will host its annual Spring Online Championship with a prize pool of over 10 million Euros spread among 256 separate tournaments.

On Sunday, 13 competitions took place, and we now know the winners of 11. In just one of the competitions did Spain emerge victorious.

Prize money for MeForrow’s SCOOP-12 victory was €3,701.50. The event was the €20 Bounty Champion PKO 6-Max Turbo. There were 2,185 entrants, and the total prize pool was €39,330.

Brazil has won four SCOOP tournaments so far, more than any other nation. The order is as follows:

First place Brazil has four victories.

Third-place Argentina, Austria, Spain, Lithuania, and Portugal. Second-place Ukraine.

Yesterday, La Roja won 21 matches, including one by MeForrow. These are the victorious Spanish teams:

(Ten Euros) “karatecla” (PKO).

Cris-JoPKS (20 euro PKO).

HUMIL (10 Euros PKO).

Super KO for twenty euros: *”Manumontyf1.”

PKO 5€ “deejay12822” (PKO).

* (PKO 5€) “deejay12822.”

SuperStack 1€, “tino632.”

(Sunday Mini 5 Euros) j2m69 69.

Sunday’s Beginning for Ten Pounds: KKIII-ur-nuTTs.

* Sunday Mini £10,000 tukyri.

Sunday Mini for 1 Euro: tukyri.

tomato 1312 (5 euro bounty on Bounty Builder).

(Bounty Builder €5.00) * “tomato 1312.”

Ccc1963 (€1.00 PKO).

SuperStack £5, “aitorlee80.”

SuperStack 2€, or “Sylyane3.”

$10 Omaha High/Low Bolanine.

Me For Tomorrow (£20 SCOOP-12).

johnnyesta24″ (Ultra KO £20).

“babyfiss” (Ten Dollars Bounty).

Hold’em NL 0.50€ “dogman 185”

SuperStack Turbo 10€ “Rickybcn” *.

SuperStack Turbo for 10 Euros, or “manubp2.”

vlado2101 won €20 in a Hold’em NL tournament.

Seven doubles were won by the Spanish (they are shown on the list with an asterisk) and our team finished in second place in the Tournament, 14 victories to 17.

Here are the final standings from yesterday’s eleven SCOOP tournaments:

Prize pool for AmberPrice (SCOOP-01): $9,823.34; 3,692 players. Total prize money is £99,684 (Brazil).

AlexGavrish35 (SCOOP-02. $12,417.35 in prize money. 1,186 players. Ukraine (total prize money: £106,740) .

Field size: 2,197. Prize pool: $12,251.49. Tournament: Chertulai (SCOOP-03). Prize money totals €98,865. Winner is from Ukraine.

The prize pool for sensyvqv (SCOOP-04) was $8,266.99. Field: 5,276. Brazil’s prize money totals £94,968.

Davidcovi5 (SCOOP-05, £9,407.77 prize pool, 7,515 players). Money awarded: £67,635. Origin: Portugal.

SCOOP-08. Total prize pool: $7,760.33. Total number of players: 3,967. Location: Brazil.

Orectolobiform (SCOOP-09. Field size: 253. Prize pool size: €11,385. Country: Lithuania. Prize pool: €2,159.61.

Europe (SCOOP-10): 4,382 players; prize money of €4,386,4. Brazil’s prize pool is €32,238.

Field size: 367; Prize pool: $4,779.61; Tournament: Infinite Lucky (SCOOP-11). Total prize money is €33,030 (Argentina).

This is MeForrow (SCOOP-12: $20 Bounty Champion PKO 6-Max Turbo. Money awarded: 3,701 Euros. Field: 2,185. Total cash award of €39,330. The nation of Spain.

For SCOOP-13, hackinho14 won a cool €5,360.64. Field: 264. There will be a total of €25,000 up for grabs. Nation: Austria.

And here are the outcomes of regular events when the prize pool was more than €10,000:

Sunday Mini for 5 euros): j2m69 69. Winner receives $1,499.97 and the total number of entrants is 2,568. Total prize money is €11,556 (from Spain).

Prize pool: €2,354.85; winner: JMDuarte8 (Mini Thunder, $10). 2,324 competitors; €20,898 in prize money; Portugal.

As a result of V1nce1302 (Thunder £50. Prize: €3,543.48. Field: 292. 292 competitors; €20,000 in prize money; France.

Bounty Builder: MVieira9 ($20. Money awarded: €1,894.30. The corresponding field is 483. Cash prize of €12,500; Portuguese origin.

Musash11 (€10 Bounty Night, €2,270.97 total prize pool, 1,645 players, €20,000 total prize pool, Brazil).

The second day of the SCOOP has begun. There are fantastic competitions awaiting us. To the Spanish: VGL!

Moderate gambling. Underage poker players are breaking the law.

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