Marcus Borges Wins Again 1 Day High Roller at BSOP São Paulo

Two-time champions are rare in poker, especially in the more technical tournaments. Just as the BSOP São Paulo began, Marcus Borges showed some resilience in the 1-day Marathon High Roller and returned to the podium. For this morning’s high, he earned 227,500 reais.

Marcus got the better of the heads-up between Brazil and Argentina. With Andres Jeckeln outnumbered, he opted to pay his opponent’s 3-bet all-in on the flop 8♥6♣7♣. With 9♠6♠ against 5♣4♦, Marcus found out on the turn 5♥ and folded.

Not long after, Deck returns to help Brasuka. With A♥10♣, Jeckeln limped in before pushing his chips to the center of the table. Marcus called with A♠8♠ on a board of 2♦8♥K♥5♠6♠.

The 1-day High Roller easily surpassed the $500,000 guaranteed by recording 140 entries for $8,000. A total of 20 players shared a $947,600 prize pool.

This time, the thankless bubble seat went to Ariel Bahia. In his farewell match, the veteran went 3-bet all-in for 25 big blinds and was paid by Jose Carlos Barbosa, who went even higher with K♠K♥, according to the MeBeliska portal. Dominated by A♣K♣, Ariel had no chance on a board of 5♦Q♥2♣2♠5♠.

Check out the final results:

1. Marcus Borges (Brazil) R$ 227,500

2. Andrés Jeckeln (Argentina) R$ 155,000

3. José Carlos Barbosa (Brazil) R$ 102,400

4. Serafim Bento (Brazil) R$ 84,300

5. Fábio Murakami (Brazil) R$ 67,750

6. André Luís Berlanda (Brazil) 53.000 reais

7. David Dayan (Brazil) R$39,800

8. Vinícius Pinheiro (Brazil) R$29,350

9. Fredwillian Viana (Brazil) R$22,700

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