Luciano Hollanda wins BIG10 $215 at ACR Poker

Luciano Hollanda wins BIG10 $215 at ACR Poker

The country’s grinders started the week by accumulating titles in the online MTT. Luciano Hollanda delivered a victory shout in another big tournament during his visit to ACR Poker on Sunday. The pilot of account “BATEUASMINHA” increased his balance to $38,967 by beating 1,006 players in the $215 BIG10 tournament.

“pagodeiro31” Peter Patrício also entered the $215 BIG10 FT. The samba member was eliminated in the four-way match to win $15,219.

Not long after, “Ninjaaa” earned another title for Brazil in the $215 Sunday Special. Paulo “prbr0mb” Brombim won $31,833 and finished fourth for $12,437.

In the $55 special BIG10, “Hao zhang” (first place) and “DEDECT” (second place) earned $19,230 and $14,082 respectively.

Meanwhile, “elcio1934” is the country’s highlight in the site’s main tournament, the $630 Sunday High Roller. He placed sixth out of 729 participants and earned $18,215.

MvRave also won gold at ACR Poker, taking home $13,910 in a $215 Mega Stack.

Luciano Hollanda wins BIG10 $215 at ACR Poker

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  • Hilda.johnston

    This text describes the success of Brazilian players in online poker tournaments, with several players earning significant winnings in various events. It highlights their achievements and the amount of money they won.

  • This text highlights the achievements of Brazilian online poker players in various tournaments at ACR Poker. They accumulated titles and significant cash prizes, showcasing their skills and prowess in the game.

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