KSOP GGPoker On: Murilo Fidelis and Eight Others Advance in ME

KSOP GGPoker Online Main Event penultimate qualifi...

KSOP The GGPoker online main event will be decided this Monday (12th). The penultimate qualifier, Day 1H, was held yesterday (11th). The turnout was very high, and many regulars bought the $100 buy-in tournament.

On the 1H day, there were 81 contestants, and 9 contestants entered the final. The chip leader is player “77777777771” who collected 196,828 chips. Ricardo Nascimento, “RegAposentado” moved up to second with 146,029 chips and “jogadooor” moved up to third with 130,443 chips.

Also eligible” ElCocoLoko” (78,740), Peterson Machado “PetersonRJ” (71,701), Colombian Jorge Osuna “DRACO7” (50,010) and ‘asdfqwerty’ (49,088), Murilo Fideli’s ‘RaiseBluff’ (47,556) and Michael Arane (39,605).

The final day of competition will start this Monday (12pm) at 5pm. However, the final round of qualifiers must be played, the “Last Chance” at 2:30pm. A total of 356 applicants and 37 players have entered the competition. The KSOP GGPoker Online Main Event will be broadcast live on MundoTV with commentary by JP Fernandes.

KSOP GGPoker Online Main Event penultimate qualifi...

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