Kevin Martin sings the praises of Brazilian poker, and Blaise Bourgeois responds.

Kevin Martin, a popular poker streamer, is a major force in the development of poker-related media. The Canadian is an outspoken critic of the game, and he recently took to Twitter to air his grievances. His major focus is on the Internet, yet he still found time to advocate for change in the world of live poker.

Kevin tweeted for adjustments to the structure of live poker in light of the new regulations in baseball that attempt to make the game a bit quicker. The player claims that live poker “is fantastic, but the game moves at an agonizingly slow pace.

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Then a retort emerged, praising the efficiency of Brazilian poker tournaments. Another American poker player, Blaise Bourgeois, who has been based in Brazil for some time, has spoken highly of the standard tournament structure used there.

“Whoever thought of speeding up baseball by changing the rules should assist us out with live poker.

While enjoyable, the game moves at an intolerably sluggish pace.”

“In almost every Brazilian poker event I’ve ever participated in, the clock was set for 30 seconds and we used time banks.

Near the bubble, almost no one stops. I don’t want to play somewhere else since it’s so great, so quick, and so much fun.

Time banks and 30-second clocks in almost all of the Brazilian poker tournaments I’ve participated in.

In fact, no one ever stops anywhere near the bubble. It’s great, it’s easy, it’s entertaining, and I don’t want to play anyplace else.

Tweet from Blaise Bourgeois (@BlaiseBourgeois): “April 4, 2023”

Blaise has participated in a wide variety of national circuits. He has played in the KSOP and won the largest cash prize in Maxx Poker’s Mystery Millions. Now the American is patiently awaiting the start of the R$15 million guaranteed KSOP GGPoker Special on April 20th, certain that the tournament’s structure will be first-rate as usual.

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  • This text discusses the opinions of poker streamer Kevin Martin, who criticizes the slow pace of live poker and advocates for adjustments to make the game faster. Another poker player, Blaise Bourgeois, praises the efficiency of Brazilian poker tournaments and expresses excitement for an upcoming tournament in Brazil.

  • This text discusses Kevin Martin, a poker streamer, expressing his frustration with the slow pace of live poker and advocating for changes to make the game faster. Another poker player, Blaise Bourgeois, praises the efficiency and quick pace of Brazilian poker tournaments.

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