Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series Superstar Night in London

Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series...

The organizers of the London Triton Poker Series were lucky enough to have a special guest from across the ocean.

On The night before, the day the NLHE bid farewell to short decks, Phil Ivey won his fourth tour title as the trio of Daniel Cates, Doug Polk and Isaac Haxton made their $125,000 debut The final table of the Main Event.

Davy Jones” didn’t do anything on the second day, and his teammate stack nearly got out of control and collapsed until he was sentenced in seat 42. Ignacio’s story is very similar, but he found that it was very important for Danny Don’s extreme fold, 77 vs 66, gave him the oxygen to fight his way to the final 29, while his AQ did not. Never mind, it would have won him the coin toss. They got 27..

At this point, Juan’s charts are spotless, and if you look at the infographics, as shown on Triton’s website, you’ll notice that when the deck doesn’t follow, the hand-to-player tracking usually would draw a downward curve traversing the track at a cost of 2bb per track, or a jagged curve with spikes and valleys as players enter multiple pots and take turns winning and losing. However, this is how Juan leads to Unusual path to the top of the charts.

Dream price bubbles give way to less successful FT bubbles where AK does a big flip on Jean – Noel Thorel’s 99 with 11 players in, putting him well over half a stack, a healthy 43BB.

Glad Juan found a K paired with K8 on the flop that Malaka used to defend With his big blind, Nick Schulman bluffed three streets with a minimum bet, followed by a series of hands that threatened multiple opportunities for a double or flush, KQ7T9. The Malaga native Trailing by 4 blinds on the river, Schulman showed A4.

Juan faced Daniel Cates in the final A few rounds. Worth 2. The American has built a elusive 8,250,000 chip stack that has barely budged over the past 30 hands. Stephen Chidwick, by contrast, will be looking to maintain momentum, making the He moved up to second with twice the points, and he’s also waiting to start in the final two eliminations of the day.

Doug Polk had a great finish at the end , won a brilliant flip from Thorel in the AK vs. QQ match, and then gave most of the winnings to James Chen in the blind shootout. This triggered an all-in domino push, with the Taiwanese player losing the flip to Isaac Haxton, Seth Davies bid farewell to 10th after two hands, also at an overactive Chen.

Whatever happens in the restart, Juan Both will have a prize pool of $422,500, but he could end up adding zero to the prize if he wins.

Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series...

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