João Mathias Finishes 2nd in $630 Sunday High Roller

João Mathias Finishes 2nd in $630 Sunday High Roll...

week For Brazil, poker is synonymous with big wins, and even in a period when there are no online series and ongoing WSOP play in the US has slowed down, the script hasn’t changed. Professional player João Mathias was one of the standout performers on the main day of the week.

Longtime poker star Joao Mathias has hit the jackpot during tournaments with Americas Cardroom’s tournament product, ACR. Meeting. The player finished a solid second in one of the platform’s top Sunday tournaments, earning the second-highest payout among Brazilians on Sunday.

ACR’s João “Edward Snowden” Mathias defeated a field of 925 entrants to win the silver medal in the $630 Sunday High Roller. The game had asked. The Brazilian was stopped heads-up and was paid $72,150 for his efforts to secure a good grind.

The decision also included the occupation of Pablo Wesley, the site’s “HIGHKICK0”. Last week, the same race happened to be Brazil’s second-place finish again. This time, Pedro Padilha has reached the milestone.

João Mathias Finishes 2nd in $630 Sunday High Roll...

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