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Brazilian Jeckeln Tournament kicks off BSOP Sao Paulo with runner-up finishes. El Peludo finished second in one of the most expensive races of the Sao Paulo series, which will run until April 4. good way to start….

Jeckeln starts the BSOP São Paulo as runner-up

From the first BSOP game, you can already see the good news for the U.S. Navy.Those who travel to São Paulo start their journey in the best possible way, Andrés Jekern does .

The Hairy One stood up in the 1-Day High Roller and was just a few steps away from glory. What’s more, perhaps the story would have been different had it not been for a very complicated turn, but poker is what it is and the Argentinean has absorbed it completely.

Jekern (left) with his runner-up trophy. With him on the podium of the 1-Day High Roller.

The problem hand is when the Albiceleste faces Marcus BorgesOn the hand they dealt, Jeckeln received 54 and limped in BU. His opponent checked and the flop was a dream 867. After the Brazilian called, El Peludo bet 300,000 with a 60K/120K blind and Borges bet 900,000. Returning, Andres bet a total of 8.79 million and his opponent didn’t pay with 9-6.

The game continued with a very hard 5 on the turn and a jack on the river, finally changing the story in favor of verdeamarelo. A few hands later, Jeckeln cashed out of the remainder of his stack, but finished with R$155,000 in chips , which helped him enter the series with an even bigger lead.

The champion walked away with R$227,500 and took the lion’s share of the R$980,000 raised in the first-ever heavyweight championship. A total of 140 applicants were collected for this event, and the cumulative prize was allocated to the top 20.

Final position:

FirstMarcus Borges – R$ 227,5002nd placeAndrés Yekern – R$ 155,000.third placeJosé Carlos Barbosa – 102.400 reaisfourth placeSerafín Bento – R$ 84.3005th dayFabio Murakami – R$ 67.7506thAndré Beranda – R$ 53.0007thDavid Dayan – 39,800 reaisNo.8Vinícius Pinheiro – 29,350 reaisNo.9 Fredwillian Viana – 22,700 reais

Photo source and text: Superpoker

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