Isaac Haxton has been victorious in four high stakes tournaments so far in 2018.

Айзек Хэкстон 2023

This year, American poker player Isaac Hexton is tearing up the field in expensive high roller offline events. In 2023, Hexton has already won four titles, played ten finals and earned a combined total of more than $5,000,000 in live tournaments.

Isaac most recently triumphed in the US Poker Open, held at one of the most popular gambling venues in Las Vegas – the Aria Casino at Poker Go Studios.

The $26,000 USPO #8 No-Limit Hold’em tournament managed to draw a field of 54 high-stakes players to its tables, totaling $1,350,000 in prize money for the event.

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Isaac Hexton was paid $432,000 as the winner. In heads-up play, Hexton faced his American counterpart Joey Weissman as the $283,500 payout rander. In the final hand of the tournament, Weissman flopped with Q♥-10♦, and Haxson check-raised from A♥-4♥. 

On the flop, J♦-6♥-6♥-6♥ was placed on the board. Isaac checked the 4.5-blind, and Joey flopped a call. 

On the turn of Q♣ Weissman caught a top pair, but decided to wait it out. Haxton did the same.

On the river, an 8♥ was placed on the board, shutting Isaac down with his natus flush. Hexton immediately began to rake and ran into a re-raise from his opponent, after which Isaac immediately went all-in. Joey made a stake and Isaac Hexton prevailed.

Other notable winners of the event include Phil Helmuth in fifth place with a payout of $108,000. Behind him, in sixth place was Alex Foxen, who took home $81,000 in prizes. Almost all the participants of the event (with the exception of Japanese Masashi Oya) were Americans.

USPO Tournament VPs #8 No-Limit HoldemPlacePlayerPrize

The series continues and we will know the name of the winner of the 10th tournament tomorrow. At the moment, Justin Bonomo is leading at the final table and has a good chance of securing another victory.

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