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One of the greatest debates in poker history is still going strong. Six months have passed since the infamous hand in which high stakes cash game champion Garret Adelstein called J4o from recreational player Robbi Lew and maybe ignited a cheating issue.

Eventually, a second inquiry proved there was no foul play. Garret Adelstein remained out of the limelight during the inquiry and beyond. No other information was provided by the player, other than the fact that he had returned the money and given it to charity.

It was the first time the American had been seen in public. To discuss the case that changed his reputation, Adelstein decided to return in the media and picked Doug Polk’s highly viewed channel. The poker expert “went from being a poker player who was generally well-liked in the community to watching a lot of people turn on me and say some really ugly things,” he adds, admitting that the incident has changed him.

For almost two hours, Garret Adelstein discussed the case in depth with Doug Polk, who was joined by an audience of over 15,000. The most important thing was that the American did not lose his job because of suspicions of dishonesty. He declared his unwavering conviction that he was unfairly overlooked for that role: “In essence, I am fully committed to what I said. There’s a very good chance I was swindled. I will not be returning the cash. Period.

Adelstein explained his unwavering stance in another interview, this time in writing: “If there were to be any kind of cheating going on in the hand, it would most likely include someone in the production room revealing the contents of the unopened card to a player. It could never be proven under any circumstances. That’s why the probe turned up no solid answers. That, of course, makes the most perfect sense to me, “He elaborates.

At the same discussion, Adelstein disclosed that he had not participated in any poker games in the last six months. His life and routine have been disrupted by the media attention given to this case “This period of calm has been delightful. Simply said, there are a lot of sleepless nights involved in playing high-stakes poker. It’s been relaxing to take things easy for the last several months “…she said.

Roberta Lew

The footballer claims that the recent criticism of his persona is what convinced him to speak to the media again. In addition to setting the record straight, he also responded to the criticism and voiced his displeasure with the handling of the news of his breakup with Hustler Casino “At some point, it becomes difficult to look down on the world and pretend it doesn’t exist. My goal was to be very honest about where I am in my own life and profession. This is related to Nick’s podcast and the subsequent suspension. That was quite annoying to me. I won’t sugarcoat it, “Beginning with him.

After that, the American said: “What was wrong with giving me a call and filling me in on his plans? That was meant to be a confidential discussion. The only reason I can think of is to make fun of me and gain more views. Really, it hurts my feelings. Indeed, it does. Where it originates, I just cannot say. You may insult my brains and poker abilities and I won’t take it personally. Nonetheless, it would hurt me deeply if someone criticized my integrity or called me dishonest.

Towards the end of his post, Garret Adelstein said that the ordeal has been challenging: “I wish I could claim that I have been completely unruffled by this ordeal. Not using any online services. It’s not something I’m at liberty to reveal. It hurts my soul to read this. Maybe you’re addicted to it. A lot of the incorrect things I’ve read about myself in the last several months have been quite hurtful. For me, it’s still a work in progress “he delimits.


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    This text discusses the ongoing debate surrounding a controversial poker hand involving Garret Adelstein and Robbi Lew, where suspicions of cheating were eventually disproven. Adelstein discusses the impact of the incident on his reputation and expresses his unwavering belief that he was unfairly treated.

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