In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the final table three times in a row.

In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the f...

At the U.S. Poker Open, Nacho Barbero reached the final table for the third consecutive time.

In the second game, the Argentine entered a one-on-one match but lost. He will challenge for the title again on Monday.

Wow, what a performance by Nacho Barbero at the US Poker Open! You still can’t stop Argentines from having their “Nacho Year”! Additionally, he made the final table in all three high-stakes events where he qualified for day two.

Ren Lin refused to give Barbero the award.

The former Team Pokerstars pro finished fifth in a $10,000 NLH tournament out of 105 entrants, earning $78k. The winner, Joey Weissman, received $231,000.

A few hours later, Nacho was back at the table for Event 2, the 105-entry FT and US event where participants took home $10,000 In the end, he and Lin Lin singled out for the prize money.

Barbero moved all-in with K-7, and Lin called with Ace-5, leaving our partners with a huge chip deficit. If Barbero doesn’t improve, Lin will win the tournament and receive $231,000, while the Argentinian will receive $168,000.

Because, you know, you really don’t have a “third place”. Last Saturday, Barbero entered the $10,000 NLH event from a total of 93 entrants# 3 final table.

Level 15 continues on Monday , with a blind structure of 20,000/40,000 BB and a 40K ante.

The top six US Poker Open players have won a combined $55,800 in prize money, but are still in contention Top prize of $213,900, 214 PGT points and a miniature Golden Eagle trophy.

Three million dollars and two months for Nacho Barbero

The Argentinian’s poker career got off to a brilliant start. He earned $3,227,000 from 9 ITMs. The first was the PSPC Bahamas, where he won the Change The first prize of a lifetime is $1,551,300.

Just a week ago, he won Event #2 at Triton Poker. He won $600,000 in Vietnam, just A few days earlier, he finished eighth in the PokerGO Tour Championship for $57,000. He also finished second in the $25,000 Turbo tournament in the same series, adding to his two U.S. Open wins. Won two other tournaments at this venue. Cracked!

In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the f...

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  • This text highlights the impressive performance of Nacho Barbero at the US Poker Open, reaching the final table three times consecutively and earning substantial prize money. It also mentions his previous wins and successes in various poker tournaments.

  • Nacho Barbero’s performance at the US Poker Open has been impressive, with multiple final table appearances and significant earnings. Despite some recent losses, his success in high-stakes events showcases his skills as a poker player.

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