Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Rounders 2.

Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Round...

CINER Rounders 2 fans can take solace in Matt Damon.

In a recent podcast, the film’s actor admitted: “This movie is a bomb.” He also revealed that preparations for “Rounders 2” are underway.

Matt Damon’s performance in “The King of Gamblers 2” has raised fans’ expectations.

Fans of the legendary poker movie “Rounders,” Matt Damon doesn’t seem to have given up on the idea of ​​a sequel. Damon and his friend and frequent costar Ben Affleck recently sat down for a podcast interview with Bill Simmons to discuss sports, friendship and their upcoming movie Air. Simmons eventually got them to talk about other movies they liked, including “The King of Gamblers.”

Simmons continued: “The King of Gamblers 2…” This is going to be a lot of talk about it, I hear it. “We’ve been talking about this for years,” Damon replied. We are trying to find out if this is possible.


It’s no secret that stars like Matt Damon ), like Ben Affleck, is a poker genius.

Damon, Edward Norton and screenwriter Brian Koppelman co-starred in the 1998 film Three’s Company’s main event co-stars discuss. Damon said he didn’t fare well against the other 350 competitors, but he left with a great record.

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I ended up being late and losing,” Damon noted. “I went all-in,” king against Doyle Brunson’s ace. That blew my mind. I lost to Doyle Brunson, but it was a great one story.”

When you finish 89th at the World Series of Poker, Affleck agreed: “You will.” “It has to be World-class player!”

But before we say goodbye to “The King of Gamblers,” Damon has something to say about the reception to this now classic film, such as Let’s talk about when it was released at the end of 1998.

Damon said the movie was a failure. You can listen to the entire podcast in its original language here: “A few years later, I guess in 2007, it was still going on.”

Guess Talk About “Bet King of Kings sequels are nothing new, but it never hurts to have hope. Twenty-three years after its premiere, “Rounders” remains a hit film in the poker industry. A creation that has influenced musicians around the world like no other. Can not you see? Why do you hesitate?

Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Round...

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  • Hammes.cordelia

    This text is discussing the possibility of a sequel to the film Rounders, with Matt Damon expressing interest in a potential follow-up. The author also mentions Damon’s poker skills and his thoughts on the reception of the original film. Overall, it seems that fans are hopeful for a sequel.

  • This text discusses the possibility of a sequel to the film Rounders. Matt Damon, one of the main actors in the original film, admitted that the movie was not successful upon its release but expressed hope for a sequel. Fans of Rounders are eagerly waiting for news on this potential continuation of the story.

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