Fairer tables with Bodog’s Fair Play Poker

Bodog’s Fair Play Poker Online Poker is Fairer Those who are having fun at Bodog and are looking for some time to relax will be seated at a table where they can get comfortable without being attacked by sharks.

Bodog's Fair Play Poker Fairer tables

Just as the identities of its players are fully protected, Bodog strives to keep the tables shark free, making everything more competitive, 100% fair and fun for casual players. These features make the Fair Play poker room a reality. Considering location without this means talking about another space.

These field tables are marked with the FPP logo to allow all casual players to enjoy more of their Bodog gaming experience. Among its features, the following stand out:

  • You are anonymous : here you are identified only by a number, which changes when you start a new game.
  • Identity Protection : This is a feature of all Bodog tables, and Fair Play poker tables are no exception.
  • Quick Seating : This is the fastest way to get a seat at a cash game table. With just two clicks, you can jump straight into the game, where your seat will be randomly selected. Simple and practical.
  • No HUD : Play peer-to-peer games without using software (HUD) that displays opponent stats. Increased security with no moving history or expectations!
  • GAMEPLAY BETWEEN CASUAL PLAYERS : Bodog tables don’t have the shark attacks pros call them. A more competitive game.
  • Play Safely, Play Anonymously : No matter where you find our Fair Play Poker seal, you know it: fairer poker tables and your data is always protected.

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