Dan Smith is the champion of the $26,000 U.S. Poker Open.

Dan Smith 2023

Cardmates recently wrote an article about American poker player Isaac Hexton’s fourth win in Event #8 of the US Poker Open at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas.

Hexton’s compatriot, Dan Smith, competed and finished third for $189,000. In his next fight, Smith won three times and won the USPO trophy.

Dan finished 9th in the US Poker Open for $26,000. In total, the event attracted 47 contenders for the lion’s share of the $1,175,000 prize pool.

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Dan Smith wins his first WSOP bracelet

Smith received a total of $399,500 for the victory. His heads-up against Lin Ren of the U.S. came in second place for $258,500. In the tiebreaker, Lin raised with A♠-9♦ off the bat and Dan Smith 3-bet all-in with J♣-7♣.

The dealer places J♥-10♦-2♥-10♥-3♥ on the table. Dan Smith picks up a pair of jacks and becomes the winner of the championship. Of the tournament’s stellar lineup, American Cary Katz takes fourth place with $129,250 in prize money and Daniel Negreanu is seventh with a minimum prize of $47,000. Except for Negreanu, none of the Americans to win the prize was Punat Punsri from Thailand.

US Poker Open #9PlacePlayout

The series continues, awaiting the name of a new champion. Stay tuned for news from Cardmates.

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