Dan Smith is the champion of the $26,000 U.S. Poker Open.

Dan Smith 2023

Cardmates recently wrote an article about American poker player Isaac Hexton’s fourth win in Event #8 of the US Poker Open at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas.

Hexton’s compatriot, Dan Smith, competed and finished third for $189,000. In his next fight, Smith won three times and won the USPO trophy.

Dan finished 9th in the US Poker Open for $26,000. In total, the event attracted 47 contenders for the lion’s share of the $1,175,000 prize pool.

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Dan Smith wins his first WSOP bracelet

Smith received a total of $399,500 for the victory. His heads-up against Lin Ren of the U.S. came in second place for $258,500. In the tiebreaker, Lin raised with A♠-9♦ off the bat and Dan Smith 3-bet all-in with J♣-7♣.

The dealer places J♥-10♦-2♥-10♥-3♥ on the table. Dan Smith picks up a pair of jacks and becomes the winner of the championship. Of the tournament’s stellar lineup, American Cary Katz takes fourth place with $129,250 in prize money and Daniel Negreanu is seventh with a minimum prize of $47,000. Except for Negreanu, none of the Americans to win the prize was Punat Punsri from Thailand.

US Poker Open #9PlacePlayout

The series continues, awaiting the name of a new champion. Stay tuned for news from Cardmates.


  • This text provides a recap of the US Poker Open event, highlighting the successes of American poker players Isaac Hexton and Dan Smith. The article also mentions the prize money won by several participants, including Cary Katz and Daniel Negreanu.

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