BSOP: Mateus Pimenta wins One Day HR PLO

BSOP: PLO specialist Mateus Pimenta vs. Rafael Mot...

For the first time, Pot-Limit Omaha fans will have the chance to work their way through one-day high-stakes PLO progressive KOs at the BSOP Winter Millions tables. To play, the buy-in fee is R$8,000. It took several hours to determine the winner, which was awarded to Mateus Pimenta.

Facing 89 competitors and showing all his experience in the sport, Mateus is a true expert and ends up crowned champion of the tournament. The reward for winning is a huge bonus of 151,850 R$. He also received a full package from LAPT Panama.

“As my specialty, I’ve only played Omaha in the past few years, so I was lucky to get to the final table and be very successful.” Well, yes. It’s always good to win, isn’t it? said champion Mateus Pimenta.

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Mateus was out of chips for most of the tournament and had to use a different strategy. Unable to get his bounty, he revealed that he would have to really come back to win the title .

“I missed the whole game. The game structure is inherently tight, so I played hard for most of the game. “I was able to open a lot only by attacking the chip leader. Every time I pushed all-in I doubled down and I got very lucky, but I stuck with my strategy and it worked,” he explained.

At a very difficult final table, experienced players like Ramon Sorgatto, William Oliveira, Geraldo Cesar, Marcelo Medeiros and Rafa Matthaeus needs to be rested enough to win the title without Motta.

As Rafael Motta almost dominated the entire decision-making, he rushed to the head with an absolute advantage – on the game. Pimenta bounced back and turned it around to become the tournament winner, preventing the Sao Paulo regular from winning the title. “I’ll be playing PLO5 and maybe the Main Event tomorrow,” the champion concluded, leaving room for the future.

Check out the final prize pool:

1. – Mateus Pimenta – 151,850 Reals

2. – Rafael Motta – 61,750 reals

3. – Marcelo Medeiros – 40,800 BRL

4. – Geraldo Cesar – R$31,950

5. – William Oliveira – 25,800 reals

6. – Ramon Sorgato – 20,000 reals

7. – Pericles Neto – R$ 15,900

8. Place – Ernesto Margolis – R$ 12,380

Ninth Place – José Arestein – R$ 9,360

BSOP: PLO specialist Mateus Pimenta vs. Rafael Mot...

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