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In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the final table three times in a row.

In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the f...

At the U.S. Poker Open, Nacho Barbero reached the final table for the third consecutive time.

In the second game, the Argentine entered a one-on-one match but lost. He will challenge for the title again on Monday.

Wow, what a performance by Nacho Barbero at the US Poker Open! You still can’t stop Argentines from having their “Nacho Year”! Additionally, he made the final table in all three high-stakes events where he qualified for day two.

Ren Lin refused to give Barbero the award.

The former Team Pokerstars pro finished fifth in a $10,000 NLH tournament out of 105 entrants, earning $78k. The winner, Joey Weissman, received $231,000.

A few hours later, Nacho was back at the table for Event 2, the 105-entry FT and US event where participants took home $10,000 In the end, he and Lin Lin singled out for the prize money.

Barbero moved all-in with K-7, and Lin called with Ace-5, leaving our partners with a huge chip deficit. If Barbero doesn’t improve, Lin will win the tournament and receive $231,000, while the Argentinian will receive $168,000.

Because, you know, you really don’t have a “third place”. Last Saturday, Barbero entered the $10,000 NLH event from a total of 93 entrants# 3 final table.

Level 15 continues on Monday , with a blind structure of 20,000/40,000 BB and a 40K ante.

The top six US Poker Open players have won a combined $55,800 in prize money, but are still in contention Top prize of $213,900, 214 PGT points and a miniature Golden Eagle trophy.

Three million dollars and two months for Nacho Barbero

The Argentinian’s poker career got off to a brilliant start. He earned $3,227,000 from 9 ITMs. The first was the PSPC Bahamas, where he won the Change The first prize of a lifetime is $1,551,300.

Just a week ago, he won Event #2 at Triton Poker. He won $600,000 in Vietnam, just A few days earlier, he finished eighth in the PokerGO Tour Championship for $57,000. He also finished second in the $25,000 Turbo tournament in the same series, adding to his two U.S. Open wins. Won two other tournaments at this venue. Cracked!

In the US Poker Open, Nacho Barbero has made the f...

Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Rounders 2.

Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Round...

CINER Rounders 2 fans can take solace in Matt Damon.

In a recent podcast, the film’s actor admitted: “This movie is a bomb.” He also revealed that preparations for “Rounders 2” are underway.

Matt Damon’s performance in “The King of Gamblers 2” has raised fans’ expectations.

Fans of the legendary poker movie “Rounders,” Matt Damon doesn’t seem to have given up on the idea of ​​a sequel. Damon and his friend and frequent costar Ben Affleck recently sat down for a podcast interview with Bill Simmons to discuss sports, friendship and their upcoming movie Air. Simmons eventually got them to talk about other movies they liked, including “The King of Gamblers.”

Simmons continued: “The King of Gamblers 2…” This is going to be a lot of talk about it, I hear it. “We’ve been talking about this for years,” Damon replied. We are trying to find out if this is possible.


It’s no secret that stars like Matt Damon ), like Ben Affleck, is a poker genius.

Damon, Edward Norton and screenwriter Brian Koppelman co-starred in the 1998 film Three’s Company’s main event co-stars discuss. Damon said he didn’t fare well against the other 350 competitors, but he left with a great record.

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Rounders: Deleted scenes revealed 20 years later.

I ended up being late and losing,” Damon noted. “I went all-in,” king against Doyle Brunson’s ace. That blew my mind. I lost to Doyle Brunson, but it was a great one story.”

When you finish 89th at the World Series of Poker, Affleck agreed: “You will.” “It has to be World-class player!”

But before we say goodbye to “The King of Gamblers,” Damon has something to say about the reception to this now classic film, such as Let’s talk about when it was released at the end of 1998.

Damon said the movie was a failure. You can listen to the entire podcast in its original language here: “A few years later, I guess in 2007, it was still going on.”

Guess Talk About “Bet King of Kings sequels are nothing new, but it never hurts to have hope. Twenty-three years after its premiere, “Rounders” remains a hit film in the poker industry. A creation that has influenced musicians around the world like no other. Can not you see? Why do you hesitate?

Fan expectations are raised by Matt Damon in Round...

Diogo Brombim Wins $50 Global Million Dollar Title

Diogo Brombim Wins $50 Global Million Dollar Title

On the 6th of this Sunday, fans across the country are active again in the GGPoker MTT arena. In the $50 Global Millions tiebreaker, Diogo “Kunkinho” Brombim defeated 23,215 entrants to claim the title and $86,520 in prize money.

“CapablancaCR7” also bagged a five-figure cash in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller. He won the four-max event for $52,511. The tournament attracted 857 participants.

Richard “RFnine” Falcão is the top national representative in the $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event. After beating 1,433 opponents, he took home the podium and $46,420 in prize money. “EddAlves” finished fourth with $16,248.

The finalists in the $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Contest were all green and yellow. Caio “Exp-626” Capistrano (1st place), “yobuecinim” (2nd place) and Alisson Piekazewicz (3rd place) won $42,781, $16,143 and $12,122 respectively.

Luiz Constantino meanwhile leads his national team into the tiebreaker [super] in Sunday’s $250 match. He won $19,431 from a field of 429 entrants. Earlier in the day, the owner of the “Infxtantibus” account claimed a bronze medal in the $250 Sunday Main Event and won an additional $19,664. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeBounty Hunters HR Main Event $525″girafgringo7″ 3rd $47,130 Sunday Special HR $1,500 [Hyper] Eduardo Pires 1st


Omaholic: Sunday Main Event HR $1,050 Murilo Milhomem2nd $24,963 European Grand Prix $125 “StillBlazing” 2 games $21.60″L guedes M “1st $10,406

Diogo Brombim Wins $50 Global Million Dollar Title

Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series Superstar Night in London

Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series...

The organizers of the London Triton Poker Series were lucky enough to have a special guest from across the ocean.

On The night before, the day the NLHE bid farewell to short decks, Phil Ivey won his fourth tour title as the trio of Daniel Cates, Doug Polk and Isaac Haxton made their $125,000 debut The final table of the Main Event.

Davy Jones” didn’t do anything on the second day, and his teammate stack nearly got out of control and collapsed until he was sentenced in seat 42. Ignacio’s story is very similar, but he found that it was very important for Danny Don’s extreme fold, 77 vs 66, gave him the oxygen to fight his way to the final 29, while his AQ did not. Never mind, it would have won him the coin toss. They got 27..

At this point, Juan’s charts are spotless, and if you look at the infographics, as shown on Triton’s website, you’ll notice that when the deck doesn’t follow, the hand-to-player tracking usually would draw a downward curve traversing the track at a cost of 2bb per track, or a jagged curve with spikes and valleys as players enter multiple pots and take turns winning and losing. However, this is how Juan leads to Unusual path to the top of the charts.

Dream price bubbles give way to less successful FT bubbles where AK does a big flip on Jean – Noel Thorel’s 99 with 11 players in, putting him well over half a stack, a healthy 43BB.

Glad Juan found a K paired with K8 on the flop that Malaka used to defend With his big blind, Nick Schulman bluffed three streets with a minimum bet, followed by a series of hands that threatened multiple opportunities for a double or flush, KQ7T9. The Malaga native Trailing by 4 blinds on the river, Schulman showed A4.

Juan faced Daniel Cates in the final A few rounds. Worth 2. The American has built a elusive 8,250,000 chip stack that has barely budged over the past 30 hands. Stephen Chidwick, by contrast, will be looking to maintain momentum, making the He moved up to second with twice the points, and he’s also waiting to start in the final two eliminations of the day.

Doug Polk had a great finish at the end , won a brilliant flip from Thorel in the AK vs. QQ match, and then gave most of the winnings to James Chen in the blind shootout. This triggered an all-in domino push, with the Taiwanese player losing the flip to Isaac Haxton, Seth Davies bid farewell to 10th after two hands, also at an overactive Chen.

Whatever happens in the restart, Juan Both will have a prize pool of $422,500, but he could end up adding zero to the prize if he wins.

Juan Pardo earns Main Event seat at Triton Series...

BSOP: Mateus Pimenta wins One Day HR PLO

BSOP: PLO specialist Mateus Pimenta vs. Rafael Mot...

For the first time, Pot-Limit Omaha fans will have the chance to work their way through one-day high-stakes PLO progressive KOs at the BSOP Winter Millions tables. To play, the buy-in fee is R$8,000. It took several hours to determine the winner, which was awarded to Mateus Pimenta.

Facing 89 competitors and showing all his experience in the sport, Mateus is a true expert and ends up crowned champion of the tournament. The reward for winning is a huge bonus of 151,850 R$. He also received a full package from LAPT Panama.

“As my specialty, I’ve only played Omaha in the past few years, so I was lucky to get to the final table and be very successful.” Well, yes. It’s always good to win, isn’t it? said champion Mateus Pimenta.

Learn More: BSOP Winter Millions: Mário Quintanilha Wins a Huge Pot – Mystery KO and Advances in Last Stand on Day 1A of Start For CL

Mateus was out of chips for most of the tournament and had to use a different strategy. Unable to get his bounty, he revealed that he would have to really come back to win the title .

“I missed the whole game. The game structure is inherently tight, so I played hard for most of the game. “I was able to open a lot only by attacking the chip leader. Every time I pushed all-in I doubled down and I got very lucky, but I stuck with my strategy and it worked,” he explained.

At a very difficult final table, experienced players like Ramon Sorgatto, William Oliveira, Geraldo Cesar, Marcelo Medeiros and Rafa Matthaeus needs to be rested enough to win the title without Motta.

As Rafael Motta almost dominated the entire decision-making, he rushed to the head with an absolute advantage – on the game. Pimenta bounced back and turned it around to become the tournament winner, preventing the Sao Paulo regular from winning the title. “I’ll be playing PLO5 and maybe the Main Event tomorrow,” the champion concluded, leaving room for the future.

Check out the final prize pool:

1. – Mateus Pimenta – 151,850 Reals

2. – Rafael Motta – 61,750 reals

3. – Marcelo Medeiros – 40,800 BRL

4. – Geraldo Cesar – R$31,950

5. – William Oliveira – 25,800 reals

6. – Ramon Sorgato – 20,000 reals

7. – Pericles Neto – R$ 15,900

8. Place – Ernesto Margolis – R$ 12,380

Ninth Place – José Arestein – R$ 9,360

BSOP: PLO specialist Mateus Pimenta vs. Rafael Mot...

WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event heads to Netherlands

WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event heads to Netherland...

After so many starts, so much poker and so much action, the GGPoker WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event is over. The best result went to Brian Kamphorst who won the best race of his life.

The Dutch player took home glory, $506,253 and the online series’ famous ring. In heads-up, Kamphorst defeated sankovskij for $376,631, while UncrownedK finished third for $280,415.

The European player has earned $374,843 in live cash throughout his career according to The Hendon Mob, so when we talk about poker, this award is by far the most that has happened to him best award.

13,011 entrants paid $525 for the WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event, bringing the prize pool to $6,505,500, exceeding the $5 million guaranteed.

WSOP Summer Circuit Main Event heads to Netherland...

Sand, Sun and Bracelets: WSOP Moves to Bahamas

Sand, Sun and Bracelets: WSOP Moves to Bahamas

The exciting WSOP 2023 in Las Vegas is drawing to a close, but players already have reason to be excited as there are still plenty of gold bracelets left for the year up for grabs. For the first time in history, the World Series will move to the Bahamas, where the famous poker tournament will take place.

Partnering with GGPoker to present the WSOP with the first WSOP Paradise at Atlantis Paradise, From 3. As of December 14th, players can participate in 15 bracelet events.

Daniel Negreanu , Chief Ambassador for Asia, shared exciting details of this historic event. While the full competition schedule has yet to be released, Negreanu offers an outlook for a high level of participation, with entry prizes ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Overall, the WSOP guarantees $50 million in prize money for the series.

The World Series of Poker is coming to the Bahamas!

After a record-breaking summer, the WSOP is launching a new live poker series, WSOP Paradise, at @atlantisbahamas this winter with 15 bracelet events and $50 million in guarantees.

Can’t wait to see you…

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 17, 2023

One of the first WSOP Paradise events to be confirmed is the $5,000 Main Event with a guaranteed prize pool of $15 million. Other tournaments have also been announced, including a $1,500 Mystery Bounty ($5 million GTD) and a $25,000 GGMillion$ ($10 million GTD), as well as two PLO Championship.

Sand, Sun and Bracelets: WSOP Moves to Bahamas

Who Takes the Lead in the Punter’s Pad Challenge?

Who Takes the Lead in the Punter's Pad Challenge?

ACR Poker Punter’s Pad is heading into the Main Event, so the $115,000 Challenge is also a very important event as it is also defined as where it all started.

As the five protagonists prepare for the most important tournament of the year, they attempt to climb the leaderboards for a possible edge in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

In episode six, the punter’s pad plays the Super Turbo with $600 deep stacks and a $1,000 buy-in. Later in the race, one of them was able to make money and take the lead.

Who Takes the Lead in the Punter's Pad Challenge?

Emanuel Fernandez’s titles and top wins at the Wynn

Emanuel Fernandez Takes Championship and Biggest W...

EmanuelFernandez wins Wynn Summer Split for Argentinian in 2023 Las Vegas Championship The second Festival of Champions Classic will be held at the Wynn Casino on Saturday, June 17.

This is an NLH one-day event with a $1,100 stake and a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. The number was surpassed with 357 entries and a prize pool of $348,863.

Emanuel became champion and earned the biggest prize money of his career: $74,947. It was his third cash in Las Vegas since two $1,991 cashes at Casino Orleans and the WSOP’s Daily DeepStack tournament last year. With the win, his live tournament earnings rose to $241,000. He won a WSOP Circuit ring in 2016 and now his goal is to win a bracelet.

Emanuel is happy with his Wynn trophy.

We asked him how he felt after the win and he told us: “Feeling really good, very lucky and happy, everything went well during the race, just as I expected.” Thank goodness , I had my best result at my first final table here. This is the second year for me to come to Las Vegas, and I am looking forward to this month’s event, especially the highlight of our struggle for this dream. I have made a lot of preparations and hope to continue to achieve results!

Emanuel will be competing in the WSOP 2023 10K Main Event where he will qualify online for only $125.

Emanuel Fernandez won the $1,100 NLH 200K one-day event on June 17 for $74,947. Well played Emmanuel and congratulations!

— Wynn Poker Room (@WynnPoker) June 18, 2023

More news from the 2023 Vegas event:

  • Osvaldo Resquin made four final tables in May.
  • Ezequiel Waigel Takes Two Cashes in Venice Deepstack Tournament
  • ITM’s Lodato, Waigel Zotto and Campomal on podium at Wynn Summer Classic
  • Mariano di Tomaso MGM Summer Grand
  • Andres KornRace 19 2nd
  • Milton LodatoCaesars Palace Winner
  • Franco Vizzotto 6 cashes
  • Marcelo Betbese 2 podiums
  • All WSOP 2023 Results

Emanuel Fernandez Takes Championship and Biggest W...

100-Year-Old Player Enters Main Event and Breaks WSOP Record

Centenarians Break WSOP Age Records in Day 1 of Ma...

Thousands of players from around the world gathered in the halls of the Horseshoe and Paris on the first day of the WSOP Main Event. The event has always linked generations and when a 100-year-old runner signed up, a historic moment was created. Gene Calden is the most photographed person.

The World War II veteran, accompanied by his daughter Sue, broke the age record for the Main Event. He qualified for the Main Event through the Moneymaker Tour, a series of tournaments organized by the 2003 Champion and Americas Cardroom.

In fact , Chris Moneymaker was in charge of “Shuffle up and Deal” on day one and invited Calden to the awards ceremony. The topic went viral on Twitter, with one person writing: “Hope he at least has energy for ITM.” According to Hendon Mob, Calden isn’t short on energy.

This veteran is used to playing poker often. He played regularly in West Palm Beach, often in $100-$300 tournaments. To understand Gene’s makeup, he has an incredible 35 ITMs in 2023 alone. The site has recorded 171 ITMs and his profit was $172,717 with a top prize of just $8,000.

Centenarians Break WSOP Age Records in Day 1 of Ma...

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