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‘vivaukrania1’ Wins Reais 136,000 in Event 50 of Supreme Poker Series

The Suprema Poker Series is home to a big hit and another millionaire. In the Day 16 Main Event, Event 50-H: $3,500 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, “vivaukrania1” won $136,730 by defeating 138 opponents.

In another SPS High Roller event, Event 51-H : R $1,000 NL Hold’em, “Dogrun” won. He was the first player out of 227 entrants to receive a bankroll of R$ 32,683.

In Event 127-M: $220 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, “Donkeyshow” won $25,913 after taking home 324 players for $25,913.

See other results:

Event 49-H: $550 NL Hold’em Mini High Roller (325 entries)

Winner: “Kychera” R$25,259

Event 190-L: $75 NL Hold’em Battle (1,765 participants)

Winner: “reg de fort” R$15,694

Event 52-H: R$750 5-Card Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller (167 entries)

Event 52-H: R$750

WINNER: “# ERROR!” R$ 29,752

Jeckeln started the BSOP San Pablo with a runner-up finish | CodigoPoker

Brazilian Jeckeln Tournament kicks off BSOP Sao Paulo with runner-up finishes. El Peludo finished second in one of the most expensive races of the Sao Paulo series, which will run until April 4. good way to start….

Jeckeln starts the BSOP São Paulo as runner-up

From the first BSOP game, you can already see the good news for the U.S. Navy.Those who travel to São Paulo start their journey in the best possible way, Andrés Jekern does .

The Hairy One stood up in the 1-Day High Roller and was just a few steps away from glory. What’s more, perhaps the story would have been different had it not been for a very complicated turn, but poker is what it is and the Argentinean has absorbed it completely.

Jekern (left) with his runner-up trophy. With him on the podium of the 1-Day High Roller.

The problem hand is when the Albiceleste faces Marcus BorgesOn the hand they dealt, Jeckeln received 54 and limped in BU. His opponent checked and the flop was a dream 867. After the Brazilian called, El Peludo bet 300,000 with a 60K/120K blind and Borges bet 900,000. Returning, Andres bet a total of 8.79 million and his opponent didn’t pay with 9-6.

The game continued with a very hard 5 on the turn and a jack on the river, finally changing the story in favor of verdeamarelo. A few hands later, Jeckeln cashed out of the remainder of his stack, but finished with R$155,000 in chips , which helped him enter the series with an even bigger lead.

The champion walked away with R$227,500 and took the lion’s share of the R$980,000 raised in the first-ever heavyweight championship. A total of 140 applicants were collected for this event, and the cumulative prize was allocated to the top 20.

Final position:

FirstMarcus Borges – R$ 227,5002nd placeAndrés Yekern – R$ 155,000.third placeJosé Carlos Barbosa – 102.400 reaisfourth placeSerafín Bento – R$ 84.3005th dayFabio Murakami – R$ 67.7506thAndré Beranda – R$ 53.0007thDavid Dayan – 39,800 reaisNo.8Vinícius Pinheiro – 29,350 reaisNo.9 Fredwillian Viana – 22,700 reais

Photo source and text: Superpoker

Elite Benefits for the joy of the Americas Cardroom people

ONLINE POKERElite brings joy to the people of Cardroom America. Through its generous rewards system, the North American room rewards the most loyal players. Find out how it categorized them here.

Elite Benefits Bringing Joy to the People of Cardroom Americas

With Elite Benefits, Americas Cardroom has found the ideal way to reward its most loyal users. 2023 will continue to work the same way, allowing everyone to continue to enjoy the rewards.

Americas Cardroom has the best cashback system on the market.

This reward system is considered one of the most profitable in the poker ecosystem due to its multiple benefits for those who play the most. ACR’s chosen theme seems to be military life and cloth, the front line. All players will start at the rank of Lieutenant and, as they achieve certain objectives, they will continue to climb until they reach the highest reward, the title of 5-star General.

Here’s the rub: lieutenants start by gaining 1 level point for every battle point they earn. As the lowest level, they can only enjoy the benefits of redeeming points for cash, but once they have accumulated 750 RP, they will move up to the next level.

The other ranks are Captain, Major, Colonel, Admiral, and 5-star General . As they increase, the rewards and bonuses increase. Among the benefits you can find cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the possibility to get higher multipliers to move to the next level more easily and other great promotions and contests at each stage.

Are you interested in learning more? Then you can enter here, where all your doubts will be solved, soldiers. It’s time to go to battle!

Marcus Borges Wins Again 1 Day High Roller at BSOP São Paulo

Two-time champions are rare in poker, especially in the more technical tournaments. Just as the BSOP São Paulo began, Marcus Borges showed some resilience in the 1-day Marathon High Roller and returned to the podium. For this morning’s high, he earned 227,500 reais.

Marcus got the better of the heads-up between Brazil and Argentina. With Andres Jeckeln outnumbered, he opted to pay his opponent’s 3-bet all-in on the flop 8♥6♣7♣. With 9♠6♠ against 5♣4♦, Marcus found out on the turn 5♥ and folded.

Not long after, Deck returns to help Brasuka. With A♥10♣, Jeckeln limped in before pushing his chips to the center of the table. Marcus called with A♠8♠ on a board of 2♦8♥K♥5♠6♠.

The 1-day High Roller easily surpassed the $500,000 guaranteed by recording 140 entries for $8,000. A total of 20 players shared a $947,600 prize pool.

This time, the thankless bubble seat went to Ariel Bahia. In his farewell match, the veteran went 3-bet all-in for 25 big blinds and was paid by Jose Carlos Barbosa, who went even higher with K♠K♥, according to the MeBeliska portal. Dominated by A♣K♣, Ariel had no chance on a board of 5♦Q♥2♣2♠5♠.

Check out the final results:

1. Marcus Borges (Brazil) R$ 227,500

2. Andrés Jeckeln (Argentina) R$ 155,000

3. José Carlos Barbosa (Brazil) R$ 102,400

4. Serafim Bento (Brazil) R$ 84,300

5. Fábio Murakami (Brazil) R$ 67,750

6. André Luís Berlanda (Brazil) 53.000 reais

7. David Dayan (Brazil) R$39,800

8. Vinícius Pinheiro (Brazil) R$29,350

9. Fredwillian Viana (Brazil) R$22,700

Fairer tables with Bodog’s Fair Play Poker

Bodog’s Fair Play Poker Online Poker is Fairer Those who are having fun at Bodog and are looking for some time to relax will be seated at a table where they can get comfortable without being attacked by sharks.

Bodog's Fair Play Poker Fairer tables

Just as the identities of its players are fully protected, Bodog strives to keep the tables shark free, making everything more competitive, 100% fair and fun for casual players. These features make the Fair Play poker room a reality. Considering location without this means talking about another space.

These field tables are marked with the FPP logo to allow all casual players to enjoy more of their Bodog gaming experience. Among its features, the following stand out:

  • You are anonymous : here you are identified only by a number, which changes when you start a new game.
  • Identity Protection : This is a feature of all Bodog tables, and Fair Play poker tables are no exception.
  • Quick Seating : This is the fastest way to get a seat at a cash game table. With just two clicks, you can jump straight into the game, where your seat will be randomly selected. Simple and practical.
  • No HUD : Play peer-to-peer games without using software (HUD) that displays opponent stats. Increased security with no moving history or expectations!
  • GAMEPLAY BETWEEN CASUAL PLAYERS : Bodog tables don’t have the shark attacks pros call them. A more competitive game.
  • Play Safely, Play Anonymously : No matter where you find our Fair Play Poker seal, you know it: fairer poker tables and your data is always protected.

Tigergaming is holding the Micro Series Thanksgiving Edition Tournaments with a Guarantee of $100,000.

The Thanksgiving holiday will coincide with the beginning of Chico’s second small-bankroll tournament series of the year. The Thanksgiving Edition of the Micro Series will consist of 35 events spread out over the course of the week, with a total guarantee of $100,000.

The Thanksgiving installment of Chico’s Micro Series

Featurettes in a Series

The Chico Network of America has settled on hosting its second low-limit player festival of the year as the culminating event for the autumn season. To refresh your memory, there was a series like this one that took place back in June.

The Micro Series Thanksgiving Edition will take place from November 24-30, 2022, and will include 35 events, each of which will provide a prize pool of at least $100,000. The event will be hosted by Tigergaming, BetOnline, and Sportsbetting.

Additionally, unlike the summer event:

There will be no entry fee required for the first five events, and the total prize pool for those events will be $4,500 in Main Event tickets to either the $22 Series Main Event or the $109 Main Event that will take place on November 27.

The maximum buy-in has been increased to $22, while the minimum has remained the same at $1.1, although there will only be one multi-table tournament played. The highest possible buy-in for any of the other events will be $11.

The total prize pool for all 33 events combined will not exceed $2,500.00.

The beginning of the event will take place between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00 local time in Moscow.

At the conclusion of the competition, the top forty players in the event will each win $50 in tournament funds. The final tournament position, the amount of money that was bought in, and the total number of people that took part all go towards the awarding of points for this ranking.

Main Event

On November 27, at nine o’clock in the evening Eastern Time, the start of the $50,000 $22 Main Event will take place.


Starting stack is one hundred thousand chips (200 BB).

Every eight minutes, the blinds are adjusted.

It is possible to make up to ten more entries, and late registration will be open until the completion of level 36.

A few days before the start of the event, there will be $1.5 SnG 8-max satellites with one ticket as a reward and Mega satellites with a dozen tickets as prizes. These will let you to qualify for the tournament.



#In the Micro Series

Weekend Sale: Buy-ins for 31 iPoker events are discounted from 25% to 50%.

For the second time this year, the iPoker network is launching a discount campaign on buy-ins of some tournaments. Contributions to 31 regular MTTs with a total guarantee of €241,000 will be reduced by 25-50%. Including the main event of the network – Main Sunday Sweat €60k.

Weekend Sale on iPoker

Discounted Tournaments

The iPoker Network skins at the end of September for the second time this year to offer massive discounts on the dues of most mid-money weekend tournaments:

RedStar, Betfair and Titan will host a Weekend Sale promotion from Sept. 19-25, 2022, featuring 31 tournaments, with a total guarantee of €241,000.

In the client, the promotional events are easiest to find via the search bar using the word “SALE”.

Discounted Satellites.

These qualifying tournaments will run throughout the promotion:

All SALE Sunday Sweat Sat Satellites from September 19-25 will have a buy-in of €5, which is 50% off.

Most of these tournaments have a 2-5 ticket guarantee and start 10 times during the day (every hour from 2:45pm to 11:45pm MSC). On Friday-Sunday, they are joined by selections with 8-ticket prizes and four MTTs with even bigger prizes: 

The main tournament with reduced BI will need to rack up more than 1,300 entries to cover the guarantee and may well go with an overlay, as will some of the sats to it.



#Weekend Sale

Why isn’t fast poker popular on iPoker?

The quick poker style has been popular in all of the leading roubles during the last 10 years, and it has attracted a significant portion of the game’s overall audience. The iPoker network and its version of speed poker were the one notable exceptions to this rule. In this post, we will attempt to determine the reasons why the local version of Zoom did not become popular.

Why is it that people seldom play speed poker on the iPoker network?

Football players known for their speed.

It was first introduced in 2012 under the name “Speed Poker” on the iPoker network skins where it was played. Even at their height, the two limitations of NL5€ and NL20€ seldom ever drew more than 50 connections between that time and the present, and that was after another eight years. There were often just a handful of hours late at night with traffic of such magnitude here.

Once Microgaming went out of business at the end of the year 2020, the Speed Poker network was already highly inhabited by roums, so the company made the decision to significantly alter the site in order to entice amateur players to its tables. The sole limit that was available for this was NL20€ in the new “Football Stars” format, which included jackpots and a unique arrangement on the 5-max tables that was inspired by football.

Yet despite the fact that the iPoker network was experiencing a time of tremendous expansion (PokerScout reports that from 2019 and 2022, the iPoker network moved from 12th position to sixth place in the global rankings), rapid poker in its skins did not attract a greater number of players.

That’s probably the reason why speed poker was brought back to the lobby exactly one year later:

All of the top 10 poker sites, as well as several of the sites that are second only to iPoker in terms of the total number of players, are amassing a substantially larger number of players in the Zuma varieties of their games. Why.

Which one is it? HUD? Stocks?

It is difficult to pinpoint a single cause for such liquidity issues on the poker network that holds the position of second biggest in the globe.

The traffic at rapid poker tables has never been significantly increased by iPoker. The game in this format was not “hyped up,” and the local poker players did not get “accustomed” to it.

Additional variables, including but not limited to the following, hindered the game from getting up later on:

On the other hand, as the proverb goes, “every cloud has a silver lining.” The active growth of the game at ordinary 6-max tables was the flip side of such a one-of-a-kind circumstance with local Zoom. At 22:00 MSK, there are a significant number of them located in the foyer of the network rooms:

Even without multiring, the amount of traffic on all restrictions up to NL200 is more than sufficient.


# IPoker

Mini Million Dollar Tournaments with a Guarantee of Five Million Dollars at PokerOK

The $5,000,000 Guaranteed Mini MILLION$ will be held at PokerOK from October 2nd through the 17th, 2022. This event series will be PokerOK’s second low buy-in tournament series of the year. There will be a one million dollar prize pool for the main Mystery Bounty event.

Featurettes de série.

During the summer of 2022, PokerOK hosted its very first dedicated series of micro-limit tournaments with a total prize pool of microMILLION$. When another three months had passed, the chamber made the following announcement about a new event of a like kind, but with a slightly different name:

Between the 2nd and 17th of October, 189 Mini MILLION$ events will each draw a prize pool of at least $5,000,000.

Schedule of Activities for a Longer Event.

In accordance with custom, the three largest tournaments in the series will each feature a significant number of flits. They will begin at various times throughout the day to accommodate players residing in various time zones and allow them to compete for a spot in Day2.

Although though the entry costs for all Mini MILLION$ events are very low, satellites leading up to the main event are still offered, beginning with freerolls.


# GGPokerOK


Alternatives to Pokerstars | Recommended Poker Websites for the Year 2022

During the course of the last several years, there have been widespread shifts on the “poker Olympus.” First, as a result of the widespread COVID-19 infection, and subsequently, as a consequence of poker rooms and online casinos taking punitive measures against Russian players. As a direct consequence of this development, not only has Stars been dislodged from its monopoly position, but also the standing of other rooms within the sector has undergone significant shifts. In this post, we will provide our opinion on where the greatest place is to play online poker in 2022, as well as the top 5 best alternatives to PokerStars in 2022 that are compatible with cryptocurrencies and welcome players from Russia who like playing poker online.

The top five poker sites that can compete with PokerStars in 2022

A network run by Chico.

While it is not in the top 10 in the world in terms of the quantity of cash traffic, the American network consisting of three rooms (Tigergaming, Betonline, and Sportsbetting) has one of the weakest fields among all of the traditional poker rooms at the tables with HUD.

The network has action ranging from 6-max all the way up to NL1K$, in addition to a top number of 9-max tables available at all stakes. Regardless of the size of the table, the no-limit $100 game is particularly well-liked among local amateurs. When a player loses with a combination of two bets, they are immediately eligible for the Badbit Jackpot. During busy hours, fast poker may only be played on NL10$ tables with between 80 and 90 connections.

Despite the fact that Chico’s network does not have a loyalty program, its skins hold competitions and leaderboards on a monthly basis, with rewards beginning at $50,000.

It’s possible that Russian gamers won’t be able to use Skrill.

Clubs such as PPPoker and PokerBros.

The most outlandish of all of the other sites that may be used as an alternative to PokerStars, but in all actuality, one of the greatest. Club apps do not like traditional poker rooms in terms of their software, the manner in which the game is structured via private clubs, or the transactions that take place in crypto. Nonetheless, they are able to satisfy customers with direct rakeback of up to 45%-50% at a rake of 5% when using 3B capes.

“Customization” for the gadgets and club system allowed them to work successfully in large “gray” markets, which are markets where more familiar sites may have difficulty attracting poker fans who are accustomed to playing offline. These “gray” markets include countries such as the United States, Australia, India, Brazil, and Mexico, among others.

The vast popularity of Omaha games, including PLO5 and PLO6, at all stakes is the primary factor that differentiates PPPoker from PokerBros in terms of the volume of player traffic. Because to the fact that PLO is what enables recreational players to receive a lot of activity while still just playing at one or two tables from their mobile device, this finding infers that a bigger proportion of app users are recreational players.

The use of cryptocurrencies as the primary medium of exchange in mobile rooms is common.

A Network That Wins

Playing with the poker ancestors is now available at several poker rooms with Americans, but the three Winning Network (WPN) skins that offer the most active tables in 2021 are PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker. Several poker rooms with Americans now offer the opportunity to play with the poker ancestors.

It is interesting to note that in terms of parallels to Stars, the loyalty system of WPN is most comparable to VIP, with Supernova Elite level being at the very pinnacle of the hierarchy. In addition, there are two regular races that are open to network players: one is for cash tables, and the other is for all tournaments in the SnG format.

Obviously, the enormous number of gamers coming from the United States has had an adverse effect on the flow of traffic in this area:

Even in the realm of MTT competition, Winning has something that can “stump” any opponent. Up to four events are held each year under the Venom brand, each of which aims to break a world record or a record for a venue that regularly welcomes Americans.

* It’s possible that gamers from Russia won’t be able to use Skrill or Neteller.

iPoker Network.

The largest European network, despite having a tense relationship with poker players from the countries that were a part of the Soviet Union (its skins are closed to all players from Belarus, many – for the players from Ukraine and Russia), continues to wage a successful war for its users against its principal rivals.

The Romani network did not follow the lead of other poker sites and build a complicated loyalty system with tiered levels. They all have anything from two to four levels, and the WPD players in the majority of them receive the deal with the fixed RB from the genuine rake, so they don’t “bother” with it.

In addition, in contrast to its rivals, the IPoker network is not attempting to shock us with novel game structures; rather, it has “discovered its niche” in the shape of standard 6-max Hold’em tables. Throughout the evening, there are between 10 and 45 tables of this kind at each betting level, and there are seven different limits, up to and including NL200$.

*The following table provides an outline of the available payment options in RedStar poker. All different kinds of transactions are subject to a commission in this chamber.


One of the most momentous occasions in the history of online poker took place in June of 2021. Pokerscout altered its top players list for the very first time in the last 15 years. Pokerok may now draw from the greatest available player pool for cash games. In comparison to PokerStars, its advantages are notably pronounced:

PokerStars is in a disadvantageous position even when measured by the number of unique variations that have an active roll. They provide 9-max cashes and traditional Spin&Gold tournaments, while GGpoker games include All-in or Fold, Flip and Go, Battle Royale, and 6-max Spin&Gold tournaments.

* It’s possible that Russian gamers won’t be able to use Skrill or Neteller. Fees will be one dollar.


There are more poker rooms that are alternatives to PokerStars today than there were during the age of Red Spade’s worldwide domination. Having a true option is always a great bonus in any industry, and it’s a tremendous plus to have.

The most essential thing is for the player to determine the criteria that are the most important to him and the criteria that he is willing to compromise on in order to maximize his profit. All of these issues may be resolved with the assistance of our management. If you follow us in our messengers, we will assist you in selecting the most suitable alternative.


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