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During the course of the last several years, there have been widespread shifts on the “poker Olympus.” First, as a result of the widespread COVID-19 infection, and subsequently, as a consequence of poker rooms and online casinos taking punitive measures against Russian players. As a direct consequence of this development, not only has Stars been dislodged from its monopoly position, but also the standing of other rooms within the sector has undergone significant shifts. In this post, we will provide our opinion on where the greatest place is to play online poker in 2022, as well as the top 5 best alternatives to PokerStars in 2022 that are compatible with cryptocurrencies and welcome players from Russia who like playing poker online.

The top five poker sites that can compete with PokerStars in 2022

A network run by Chico.

While it is not in the top 10 in the world in terms of the quantity of cash traffic, the American network consisting of three rooms (Tigergaming, Betonline, and Sportsbetting) has one of the weakest fields among all of the traditional poker rooms at the tables with HUD.

The network has action ranging from 6-max all the way up to NL1K$, in addition to a top number of 9-max tables available at all stakes. Regardless of the size of the table, the no-limit $100 game is particularly well-liked among local amateurs. When a player loses with a combination of two bets, they are immediately eligible for the Badbit Jackpot. During busy hours, fast poker may only be played on NL10$ tables with between 80 and 90 connections.

Despite the fact that Chico’s network does not have a loyalty program, its skins hold competitions and leaderboards on a monthly basis, with rewards beginning at $50,000.

It’s possible that Russian gamers won’t be able to use Skrill.

Clubs such as PPPoker and PokerBros.

The most outlandish of all of the other sites that may be used as an alternative to PokerStars, but in all actuality, one of the greatest. Club apps do not like traditional poker rooms in terms of their software, the manner in which the game is structured via private clubs, or the transactions that take place in crypto. Nonetheless, they are able to satisfy customers with direct rakeback of up to 45%-50% at a rake of 5% when using 3B capes.

“Customization” for the gadgets and club system allowed them to work successfully in large “gray” markets, which are markets where more familiar sites may have difficulty attracting poker fans who are accustomed to playing offline. These “gray” markets include countries such as the United States, Australia, India, Brazil, and Mexico, among others.

The vast popularity of Omaha games, including PLO5 and PLO6, at all stakes is the primary factor that differentiates PPPoker from PokerBros in terms of the volume of player traffic. Because to the fact that PLO is what enables recreational players to receive a lot of activity while still just playing at one or two tables from their mobile device, this finding infers that a bigger proportion of app users are recreational players.

The use of cryptocurrencies as the primary medium of exchange in mobile rooms is common.

A Network That Wins

Playing with the poker ancestors is now available at several poker rooms with Americans, but the three Winning Network (WPN) skins that offer the most active tables in 2021 are PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker. Several poker rooms with Americans now offer the opportunity to play with the poker ancestors.

It is interesting to note that in terms of parallels to Stars, the loyalty system of WPN is most comparable to VIP, with Supernova Elite level being at the very pinnacle of the hierarchy. In addition, there are two regular races that are open to network players: one is for cash tables, and the other is for all tournaments in the SnG format.

Obviously, the enormous number of gamers coming from the United States has had an adverse effect on the flow of traffic in this area:

Even in the realm of MTT competition, Winning has something that can “stump” any opponent. Up to four events are held each year under the Venom brand, each of which aims to break a world record or a record for a venue that regularly welcomes Americans.

* It’s possible that gamers from Russia won’t be able to use Skrill or Neteller.

iPoker Network.

The largest European network, despite having a tense relationship with poker players from the countries that were a part of the Soviet Union (its skins are closed to all players from Belarus, many – for the players from Ukraine and Russia), continues to wage a successful war for its users against its principal rivals.

The Romani network did not follow the lead of other poker sites and build a complicated loyalty system with tiered levels. They all have anything from two to four levels, and the WPD players in the majority of them receive the deal with the fixed RB from the genuine rake, so they don’t “bother” with it.

In addition, in contrast to its rivals, the IPoker network is not attempting to shock us with novel game structures; rather, it has “discovered its niche” in the shape of standard 6-max Hold’em tables. Throughout the evening, there are between 10 and 45 tables of this kind at each betting level, and there are seven different limits, up to and including NL200$.

*The following table provides an outline of the available payment options in RedStar poker. All different kinds of transactions are subject to a commission in this chamber.


One of the most momentous occasions in the history of online poker took place in June of 2021. Pokerscout altered its top players list for the very first time in the last 15 years. Pokerok may now draw from the greatest available player pool for cash games. In comparison to PokerStars, its advantages are notably pronounced:

PokerStars is in a disadvantageous position even when measured by the number of unique variations that have an active roll. They provide 9-max cashes and traditional Spin&Gold tournaments, while GGpoker games include All-in or Fold, Flip and Go, Battle Royale, and 6-max Spin&Gold tournaments.

* It’s possible that Russian gamers won’t be able to use Skrill or Neteller. Fees will be one dollar.


There are more poker rooms that are alternatives to PokerStars today than there were during the age of Red Spade’s worldwide domination. Having a true option is always a great bonus in any industry, and it’s a tremendous plus to have.

The most essential thing is for the player to determine the criteria that are the most important to him and the criteria that he is willing to compromise on in order to maximize his profit. All of these issues may be resolved with the assistance of our management. If you follow us in our messengers, we will assist you in selecting the most suitable alternative.


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  • The text provides an overview of the shifts and changes that have occurred in the poker industry in recent years, particularly in relation to the impact of COVID-19 and measures taken against Russian players. It focuses on highlighting alternatives to the popular platform PokerStars and offers insights into the top five poker sites that can compete with PokerStars in 2022.

    The author praises the American network run by Chico for its weaker player field and the availability of various table options. They also mention the absence of a loyalty program but highlight the monthly competitions and leaderboards as compensatory features. However, they note that Russian players may not be able to use Skrill on this platform.

    The author then discusses club apps like PPPoker and PokerBros, emphasizing their uniqueness and success in gray markets where traditional sites struggle. These apps offer customization options, direct rakeback, and a focus on mobile gaming. The popularity of Omaha games is cited as a distinguishing factor between PPPoker and PokerBros, with recreational players flocking to the former.

    Lastly, the Winning Network (WPN) is mentioned as a viable alternative, primarily represented by PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker. The loyalty system and regular races on WPN are compared to PokerStars’ VIP system. However, the author acknowledges that the high number of players from the United States has had an impact on traffic flow.

    Overall, the text provides an informative overview of alternative poker sites to PokerStars in 2022, highlighting their strengths and unique features.

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