After dominating the BSOP, José Lesta of Argentina retired.

Atop the BSOP in Argentina, José Lesta decided to leave.

The grinder was successful in Event #14 and now has a trophy for this series.

José Lesta won the BSOP before he returned to Argentina.

This past weekend during the BSOP So Paulo event, NLH Big Pot Turbo was played, and José Lesta emerged victorious. The Argentine, a regular on the Brazilian circuit, beat off 183 other competitors to earn the R$800 first prize. The winning grinder received R$26,100 (about US$5,2K).

Lesta José

This competition’s top three finishers.

Bruno Bittar, who challenged Lesta in heads-up play, finished in second place and received R$ 17,600 (about $3,400). Third place finisher Fernando Viana won R$ 12,100 (about $2,300).

Since 2017, Lesta has been a consistent BSOP event winner, and he recently reflected on his success in an interview. “I like coming here, and it’s good to win every once in a while. I make it a priority to go to the BSOP whenever I can “said the Argentinian who won US$4,000 at the 2018 BSOP So Paulo No Limit Hold’em – Turbo Knock-Out.

Lesta said that the expansion of poker in South America is “wonderful,” specifically highlighting the Brazilian circuit. “We have a long way to go before we can compete on the same level as European contests, but we’re getting there. The BSOP is unlike any other celebration, and that is why I like it so much. Please keep going in this direction since it’s the correct one “said the victor.

Resulting Table

First place: R$26,100 for José Lesta

Bruno Bittar, 2nd Place, R$17,600

Fernando Viana, R$12,100 (3rd).

Gustavo Menezes (R$9,860) placed fourth.

Gabriel Baleeiro (R$7,870) placed fifth.

Place #6: R$6,050 for Márcio Ferraz

Seventh place: José Arenstein, R$4,400

Eighth place: R$3,180 for Elen Moretto; ninth place: R$2,630 for Brenno Vicente

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  • The text is reporting on the success of José Lesta, an Argentine poker player, who won a tournament at the BSOP in Argentina and earned a prize of R$26,100. Lesta reflects on the growth of poker in South America and praises the Brazilian circuit.

  • Alford.heidenreich

    This text is reporting on the success of José Lesta, an Argentine poker player, at the BSOP tournament in Argentina. Lesta won the NLH Big Pot Turbo event, beating 183 other competitors to earn a prize of R$26,100 (about US$5,2K).

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