abnormal! He won a game but received the wrong trophy

abnormal! He won a game but received the wrong tro...

While money is usually at stake in online poker, for many players the chance to win a trophy is also an added incentive, especially if the trophy is delivered to your home. Well, in this episode of Freaky Friday, you’ll see how the differences impact the receiving process.

PokerStars, the leading provider of real-life trophies for its flagship series, recently made the mistake of apparently losing at least some of its ONCOOP trophies from earlier this year into the wrong hands.

Players affected by the misunderstanding include Liu Xuan. The Chinese-Canadian pro, who has more than $2.2 million in live tournament winnings, won the ONCOOP Series but jokingly pointed out on social media that she received the wrong trophy.

Liu’s trophy was labeled “mcconema14,” but she wasn’t the only one to wake up to the wrong price. A user named “Maple” told the Discord that they had received a trophy that rightfully belonged to “emerys”.

To her relief, PokerStars support responded quickly to Liu after she brought the matter to her attention. Condition. They were contacted within hours and asked for further communication to clarify the situation.

It is unclear how many trophies were exchanged, and in addition to Liu and “Feng”‘s presumed correct trophies, there are at least two confirmed cases. “Fall into the wrong hands.

abnormal! He won a game but received the wrong tro...


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    This text highlights a mistake made by PokerStars in delivering the wrong trophies to the winners of its ONCOOP series. It mentions that Liu Xuan, a Chinese-Canadian pro, and another user named Maple received trophies that belonged to someone else. The mix-up was quickly addressed by PokerStars support, but it remains unclear how many trophies were exchanged incorrectly.

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